Nobilis Coryza

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Nobilis Coryza
Description: Nobilis Coryza is an inactivated vaccine for the immunisation of chickens against infectious Coryza. The vaccine contains inactivated bacteria of serotypes A, B and C of Haemiphilus paragallinarum, which induce antibodies protective against infectious Coryza.

Composition: Active components:
                         - Inactivated Haemophilus paragallinarum strain 083 (serotype A).
                         - Inactivated Haemophilus paragallinarum strain Spross (serotype B).
                        - Inactivated Haemophilus paragallinarum strain H-18 (serotype C).
                        - The active components are suspended in an aqueous adjuvant.

Formulation: Aqueous saponin suspension.

Target species: Chickens.

Indications: Protection against Haemophilus paragallinarum infections in chickens. Chickens are vaccinated twice in order to stimulate (serotyoe-specific) homologous protection against the serotypes incorporated in the vaccine, for a period of at least 52 weeks post vaccination.