Choline chloride

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Choline chloride

Choline is customary classified as a vitamin. It belongs to the family of water soluble B-vitamins. It was formerly known as the vitamin B4.

Choline is an essential component of most plant and animal cells and occurs in almost all feed ingredients. However not all of the naturally occurring choline is bioavailable.  A lot of animals need a minimal amount of choline which is not fully covered by the natural choline content of the feed. For many years Choline Chloride has been added as a standard ingredient to premixes and as an additive to feed preparations for a variety of monogastric animals. Not only traditional poultry and pig feeds, but more recently also more exotic species like ostrich and sturgeon are fed with feeds supplemented with this traditional and widespread feed additive.

In the compound feed sector, choline is generally added as the hydrochloric acid salt choline chloride. It is widely incorporated in feed for poultry, pigs, crustaceans, fish and calves, as well as being an essential additive to pet food.