Nobilis AE + POX (from INTERVET)

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Nobilis AE + POX (from INTERVET)
Description:  Nobilis AE + Pox is a live vaccine against Avian Encephalomyelitis and Fowl Pox in chickens.

Composition: Active components per dose:
                         - Live AE virus strain Calnek: >= 2.5 log10 EID50
                         - Live Fowl Pox virus strain Gibbs: >=2.8 log10 EID50

Formulation: A freeze-dried pellet.

Target species: Chickens and turkeys.

Indications: For the active immunization of layer replacement pullets and breeder replacement pullets and turkeys against AE and Fowl Pox. Vaccinated birds are protected against egg drop due to AE during lay, and the progeny of vaccinated birds are protected against AE for the first few weeks of life, via maternally transmitted immunity.